Cancellation Policy

You can cancel you plan anytime. Please note that the Android and iPhone apps will stop working once the paid period is over.

We will not be charging you any more after

We will also notify you again via email that your app will stop working once the already "paid" period is over.

If you have any pending payment , you are expected to make the payment in the due date or you will have 1% fee for each day after the due date.

Refund Policy & Timeline

You are eligible for refunds if you have paid for the service (For getting your branded e-Commerce App Android/iOS) but the service has't been started yet. Refund request can be made by calling customer service email to [email protected]

We will notify you (via email) about the refund status in 3 business days after the request the request is received. If the you are eligible for refund and the refund is issued , the refunded amount (100% money you paid) will be credited your bank with in 4-5 business days.

If you need any further clarifications please contact us on [email protected]